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It's...really late [3.12.07 - 4.11am]
I can't believe I'm still up. I'd been doing so well, making it to bed before it hit two AM...and give me the Internet back, BAM, I'm a late night junkie again. *cries*

So the bank I tried repeatedly to submit an application to is no longer accepting them on their website. Boo. Hiss. And just plain, lovely, that sucks ass.

So looking online now for job openings-- sent in my ACen payments--- got my tax returns in-- I'm gonna go broke by the middle of April if I don't have a job. No joke. I guess I am worried now. My mom threatened to come and take me back to live with her if I didn't have a job soon. She would do it. I know she will. Even though she wanted me to move out in the first place. Oi.

Wish me luck. ^^;;
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Happy Belated New Year!! [1.7.07 - 5.00pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Here’s hoping that 2007 will turn out better than the last year did for everyone!

Personally, it’s no better- then again, I had a job and a steady income last year and I’m still not there yet as far as this year goes. It’s still early on, however…I can’t help but worry, and it really is my own fault considering I’m turning into a third-shift kind of person [you know, sleeping most of the day and being up til 6 AM…]. Not to mention I keep procrastinating on asking to go out to Defiance to get things taken care of- and the longer I worry about financial issues, the less I’m going to have in my bank account. T_T
Yeah…it’s about time [like last month, about time] that I get back on the horse here.

Aside from that, Ash and I went to see Night at the Museum last night in Bryan. It was a really cute movie, but I’m a Ben Stiller fan in general. Plus Dick Van Dyke is in the movie and of course I’ve been a fan of him since I saw Mary Poppins ^_^ He had quite an interesting role…

Afterward we popped into Wal-Mart so Ashley could check out her schedule and I picked up some food [I was hoping to keep it under 20 bucks, but it came out to 26, which isn’t too bad-- I just hope it lasts me a while].

Speaking of which, my mom is supposedly sending me something in the mail next week which has me on the suspicion that it may be a gift card for Wal-Mart so I can grocery shop. Considering she asked me where I do my food shopping earlier this week and then mentioned something about ‘forgetting to put something into’ my Christmas package that I got. [I did get 200 dollars, but 50 was in cash and I’m not fond of sending cash through the mail to my bank so that’s what got spent here…].

At the end of this month she’s got a vacation coming up and is coming out here with Will to bring the rest of my things- which will finish making my room look more like…well…my room. That’ll be nice- it’d be better if by that time I’ve got a job. Yeah. I’m still kinda stressed out about that. But worrying won’t get me as far as doing something about it. Right?

Not much else to report- take care everyone!


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I'm a New Day Risin' [12.30.06 - 5.12pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

…or so the song states- and in a manner of speaking, I kind of feel that way. The first time I moved out- and even the second time when I was out of state- I never felt as independent as I do now. Unfortunately, being so independent also brings about loads of stress but I’m glad that in the very least I have other people who understand what I feel as far as financial situations go. It’ll all work out, I keep saying, and I hope that I’ll start believing it soon. [Here I am, one who always dreads income tax time, praying that I’ll get a W-2 sent very soon so I can actually fill it out early]. Money doesn’t grow on trees- though in a horribly ironic way, it also does grow on trees. So I suppose whoever the first aggravated parent was to say such a thing really hit a contradictory brick wall, there.

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Take care, all! Send me e-mail! Send me texts! Call me! [iffin’ ya need my number, e-mail me about it and I’ll give it to ya…just…it might take a while for me to answer back ^^;;].


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It's Been a While [12.23.06 - 1.44am]
[ mood | crazy ]

I suppose from my absence and or lack of posting here that it is fairly safe to assume that I’ve moved already. It’s been a bit over a month and it’s really gone by pretty quickly. I can’t really believe it myself, especially since I haven’t gotten a job yet and I’ve mostly been staying inside during this past time. I’m going to have to get Ashley to drive me out to the Social Security Office in Defiance to see about getting my new card-- thankfully I don’t need to worry about a new birth certificate because I found the original copy- it’d been a Xerox that had been decimated. T_T In any case, I’m hoping there won’t be any trouble when I go for a new card and then for a new ID. It’ll make getting a job that much easier anyhow ^_^ though I may have to settle for just a state ID until I’ve worked long enough to help pay for gas money and of course insurance to drive. ^^; What’ll be interesting is trying to work around the schedule Ashley has if I end up needing a ride to work…that could prove troublesome.

Anyhow, here’s a recap of what’s been up since I moved!

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I suppose that’s about it- and it’s a long report, I know, but I had an entire month and a week or so to cover-- it was bound to be lengthy, right? So, until next time, which hopefully isn’t as long as this took, have a great holiday season ^_^ To those who have my cell number, feel free to call or text me-- or leave me a message ^^ I like listening to those!

Ja ne!

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Voice Post [10.30.06 - 12.39am]
411K 2:08
(no transcription available)
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No Sleep... [10.24.06 - 7.37am]
[ mood | cranky ]

It's too early to be awake...though I really didn't sleep.

My stupid tooth decided to start hurting again out of the blue and no amount
of Orajel, toothpaste, or Listerine is fixing it at the moment.

It's too hot in my room and my stupid window won't open...I'm cranky and tired but not tired...I think I'm over-tired so I feel like a crabby, teething infant. >_o

On the upside, sometime today I'll receive a shipment of the original 'Journey to the West' books that I got cheap off of Amazon.com...yay.

Hopefully...phone, too.

Someone make the tooth stop hurting...Mandi hates dentists.

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Random blah-blah [10.24.06 - 12.24am]
[ mood | awake ]

It's too cold, even for Autumn.

I wish the leaves would hurry and change color and fall.

Halloween is almost here! I hope I get the day off :D

youtube.com is my new best friend.

Watching anime in Japanese doesn't bother me as much as it used to.

I wish people would find something better to do with their time instead of
constantly bashing the english VA's who have worked hard [most of the time!] on doing the voice of a character.

Seiyuus can suck as their given role, too.

Except for Akira Ishida. Because he is bow and drool worthy as a person and seiyuu. XP

Just because there's only one cup of sugar left, doesn't mean you should still try making a gallon of kool-aid...

Two teabags of Oolong in one mug really makes stuff taste strong.

I hate starting a new anime, finding it's really good, and then having to
wait AGES for the next episode to come out.

'Bleach' is quite interesting. I think I like it. =3

'Tona-Gura!' is cute! I recommend it for those who like 'Love Get Chu!' and 'Ouran High School Host Club'.

Don't watch 'InuKami!' unless you're into the SUPER PERVERTED.

Because of that anime, I can never look at an elephant the same ever again...

My room smells like cherry blossoms and french vanilla. :D

Wyn needs to get fixed...big time.

Voice acting tomorrow- some art pages- and maybe a little bit of writing if I'm lucky enough.

I'm SO not looking forward to my Wednesday through Saturday stint at work this week...someone save me.

My new phone should be here any day now. YAY.

And it's time for more anime.

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*sigh* Work [10.20.06 - 2.20pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

I don't want to go but I must.

10 more minutes.

Training a new person for Layaway- this will be the third day- on Sunday she's alone for 8 hours.

Here's hoping she's been paying attention.

Not that it's difficult, I just don't want to be a lousy teacher.

Tomorrow is Fright Fest at Six Flags out in Gurnee.

We're leaving at a godforsaken hour [8 AM] to get my cousin along the way and be there probably still half an hour before it opens.

Jared, KT, and his sisters will be there, too...eventually.

man i hope it won't be cold...

8 more minutes now.
this bites...
here's page 2 by the way.

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I want my phoooone [10.19.06 - 3.21pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Why is it so difficult to get a live person on the phone when
calling one sort of company or another?

^_^; I've been trying for the last two days to upgrade my
cell phone [mine is in pretty bad shape and is nearing 4 years
old-- it's time for a new one] and I keep hitting obstacles.

Now that there is money in my account, I'm able to order...
and what happens?

@_@ after entering my Visa debit info, it takes me back to my
account overview page. So yes...transaction complete or not?

No e-mail verification yet. Nobody will pick up and talk with me after
being on hold for about fifteen or twenty minutes to verify if the order
went through completely or not... I'd really hate to be faced with a
situation where I redo the order and am faced with the charges of
two cell phones.

That could certainly be...a tough situation to straighten out once more.
The phone I want is a nice one- another LG like my current phone. I
figure that if this one has lasted me so long, then why break stride and
choose something else. If it works, don't fix it, right? ^_^

I'd like a new phone...oh yes...I'd like one that gets picture texting, has
a camera, has buttons that work- more importantly- voice dialing...
you know, all the little luxuries that maybe I don't really need but are
neat and could come in handy anyway :D

So come on VW rep...talk to me already.

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Um..yep, another one. [10.16.06 - 10.19pm]
[ mood | creative ]

I'm getting post happy.

Or something.

It happens- and it'll die down :P so don't get so used to it.

Layaway wasn't too bad- work was really boring but went by quickly enough.

Much happiness to that.

I have tomorrow off- here's to hoping that for once I can freaking GET MY HAIR CUT! o.o;;;

On top of that, I've completed my first manga cover.

D2D Volume 1 Cover

It could have turned out better, though I guess he doesn't look *too* bad.
My layers got goofed and I was frustrated and didn't feel like messing with it anymore, lest I make it worse and have chibi Akira come after me with vicious nightmares.

Bunny wings still uneven.
Halo isn't shiny enough.
It doesn't even glow like I wanted it to.
background is half-assed.
Kanji looks kiddish, but I'm working on designing a stamp by hand to color and make it look official and pretty. ^^

If anyone plays RO on Sakray server, you can find my boys under +Akira~Seno+ or :+:Keito:+: :D

that is all.

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Stole from phoenix_tempest :P [10.16.06 - 10.16pm]
[ mood | bored ]

springsonata's Halloween party:

advcarrot dressed as the Governor of North Carolina.
agilwn didn't dress up, spoilsport.
alistaere dressed as Mary-Kate Olsen with her very own conjoined Ashley.
animegher dressed as Ashley Judd.
archangel_witch dressed as the Lord of Syndyne.
avataradv dressed as Marilyn Manson.
bam2 dressed as a elk, and it suited them all too well.
daughterofcarol dressed as John F. Kennedy, and it suited them all too well.
genkiassassin dressed as a senior trade show booth bunny.
gohanvox dressed as the Grand Power Ranger.
mikemc1 forgot to put on clothes!
misslorelei dressed as Mace Windu.
mustangactor dressed as Wesley Crusher from "Star Trek".
phoenix_tempest dressed as Sarah Michelle Gellar.
rahx dressed as a Level 12 ranger.
reamea didn't even show up and doesn't get any candy.
symbiosis dressed as your grandmother.

Throw your own party at the Hallomeme!
Created with phpNonsense

[holy crap, some of these are funny]

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Sleep Depraved Zombiiiiiie [10.16.06 - 12.29pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

I didn't go to bed til like..4 AM and I'm certain I didn't even fall asleep til about 5-ish.

And I got up at 11:20 this morning.

That's pretty good, considering on days I work later I'll have a tendency to sleep in til after noon, no matter how early I fell asleep the night before ^^

Slightly tired.

That'll change.

and change once more when I get to work.

Day off tomorrow YUS ^^ hoping to get some manga work done.

Lookie what I'm working on so far-

chibi baby bois...I love them *sighs*

*makes note to do up some character sketches of the others...Rokuro, Regan [I'm so glad Max said I could include him in this, it'll be gooood yaoi fun XD], Aya, Hiro, and Yoshi...and then some other folks*

Dreading going to work ,even if it is for 4 hours.

Chris is working tonight.
Keena- I'll be certain to let him know about his favorite animated series :D We'll see how he feels about it then. ^.~

um..so..4 hours til I have to leave.
Maybe time for some RO, or I'll...color more :D

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Coz I'm Bored- It's an Ouran Poll! [10.15.06 - 10.51pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Poll #845680 Favorite Ouran Character!

You can choose more than one- but who's the fave?

Takashi Mori
Ryoji Fujioka [Haruhi's dad!]
Lobelia Zuka Club [weirdos..]

Target--insult fired--hit and contact![just a small pointless rant]Collapse )

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WTF is up with the COLD? [10.13.06 - 1.28am]
[ mood | cold ]



Why do I bother getting new games when I know all I'll do is play them halfway and then go back to a game I've already replayed like eleventy-bajillion times?

I haven't even gotten through DoC or DMC3 or Xenosaga [any of them o.O;] Radiata Stories, or .//hackMUTATION [or the last two, either].

Wow, I've got issues.

So I'm back to playing FFVIII for...I don't know, I've lost count, but I'm whizzing through the first disc. :D 10 hours into the game and I'm like 3/4's of the way through. Not that anyone cares, just thought I'd share. [of course, having beaten that game so many times before, I thought I'd actually put my Ultimate Gamer's cheat codes disc to use, so it explains why I'm that far so quickly..]

I rekindled my obsession with the card game.

I love that game.

Because I kick ass even if I still don't completely understand the rules! :D

I've done almost nothing productive today.
Just three hours ago I got around to emptying the dishwasher and started a load of laundry...
I am sketching a lot, but nothing that's been requested for kiribans.
Getting a jump-start on becoming a manga-ka has been reinstilled into my brain...

Akira and Keito are shouting at me in their chibi-forms and they're begging me to find a style and stick with it. So I think I shall... wanna see??!

Akira is the demanding one...Collapse )

I missed my boys, so I'm glad they're making a show of themselves :D Hopefully this will continue...

...but I do still need to get people's kiribans done.
It's not that I procrastinate for them- generally getting gift-arts or prizes done is a priority for me.
Yet on occasion the situation arises where my brain just won't allow me to compose what's necessary and I get side-tracked trying to do the task at hand...hence it becomes a very round-about feat.

I also need to write again. :D But that'll happen once the drawing thing dies down.
These muses of mine seem to take turns coming and going.

And now...

...I wait for the laundry.

Work tomorrow.
Fuck KMart.
It's Friday the 13th.
What's your take on it? :D

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Creative Stifle [10.10.06 - 2.59pm]
[ mood | blank ]

I've been having a difficult time with my writing
on and off. Just a short while ago I had done
rather well in updating my Saiyuki fanfiction
[it's such a monsterin length! I can hardly
believe I've got a story this long and it's still
not done!]- and it seems the passion for it has
died off once more.

Hopefully, I'll get it back on track, along with
my other projects. Perhaps I'm setting far too
many goals for myself. It may sound simpler to
focus only on one or two, maybe three projects at
best- however, my imagination is a wild thing...

My mind likes to have free reign, so telling my
muses that I cannot work on something
completely new is almost like ordering the Sun
not to rise the following day and expecting it
to actually listen...

I've got tidbits of wannabe stories and fanfictions
in random notebooks- some I've forgotten
and found to be reminded, though by this time I've
long lost the ideas or general direction
of where I wanted that particular tale to go.

My art is suffering as well. I'm sketching, at
the very least- I won't sit and brag and boast,
but I do think that I've got a little bit of talent,
so it's quite diconcerting that I'm unable
to make any use of it at the moment. I will be a
manga-ka someday...I think I prefer it
almost over my hopes of becoming a voice actress.
Not that I don't know some people, however
considering that I can hardly get the practice in right
now...well, unless I get an
incredibly lucky break, I may be better off trying to
write novels or publish American made-
but Japanese styled- manga.

*hangs head and sighs*
I just wish my creativity would behave and this
obstacle of writer's/artist's block would lift
at last.

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[10.9.06 - 2.57pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

And the days pass by
the whole world moving
nonstop, ever changing
I can't seem to keep up
with my life paused
or forever in slow-motion
watching the successful
and the wealthy in mind
soul, body, heart-
My fingers cannot reach
what goal do I have set
in the not-to-distant future
it rolls blankly in my mind
jumbled in phrases in
disappointments, in aspects
set by others for me to
achieve, what is not my dream-
The universe revolves around
nobody, nothing but itself
time waits for no one
person meandering across
an abyss stretching for even
a meager taste of hope yet
unchanging into that tangible
thread keeping me from
being just another nothing.

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Ouran Fanart [10.1.06 - 1.20am]
[ mood | blah ]

I've been doing it. I can't help it- I really loved that series!

Hooray for Kyouya-senpai!!!!

and <3's to Tamaki and Honey-chan too :D

In Other NewsCollapse )

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I bought stuff [9.25.06 - 11.21pm]
[ mood | determined ]

Because I wanted to.

I'm bad. lol

Anyway, I saw a Megaman kiddy puzzle [like 100 pieces, omg-wow] at work like AGES ago, and I kept saying 'I ought to get that for Jared as a gag gift' because...he's like Megaman-otaku boy..

His birthday passed on the 5th, and I FINALLY just bought the damn thing, because it's the only one there and I'm tired of finding a place to put it on the shelf when I'm straightening the Toy department.

So I'm-a give it to him.

I wanted to get KT something too since I didn't get her a birthday present in like...what..May? @_@ And I was going to get her a little Care Bear I'd never seen before-- I forget the name of her, but she's multi-colored and has a paint palette on her tummy and each paint is heart shaped..she's like the Care-bear of imagination and creativity, and KT goes to the AI in Chicago, sooo...

;__; but we don't have it anymore. I'll have to find something else *sniffle*

Bought the new Monopoly game --because [shoot me later lol]-- I love Monopoly!! Unfortunately, I don't know very many people who do, too...so I might be playing by myself. It's neat since it's all up to date and the prices are boosted..you get 2-fucking-million bucks for passing GO. @_@ Shaddup, I know it's not real, but DUDE.

And got a Thomas Kinkade resin cottage with acrylic paints because it's been a while since I did anything like that...

^^ Gonna try to get my hair all pretty-fied tomorrow since I'm off all day. Cut, styled, and dyed, yeah!

Wish me luck, heh.


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Sorry... [9.23.06 - 9.00pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I was in a cruddy mood yesterday- I just think I'm stressed out over a lot of little things that I could certainly change myself if I worked a bit harder to do it.

Alas, laziness and procrastination and a bit of depression... [I'm fairly sure...] sometimes tend to make me want to put a hold on it. It seems too overwhelming at times.

So I guess I'd better take things one step at a time.

My mom wants me not to move til after Christmas.

@_@ that puts a damper on a few plans, methinks...I'll have to figure out what I'm going to do about that pretty quickly.

She makes plans for me as if I'll live here forever, and sometimes I feel like I should stay here until those plans have come to pass.

I'd hoped by Halloween I'd be gone, and now she wants to go to Fright Fest at 6 Flags on October 21st.

.__.; and they've made me Layaway Lead for the holiday season, I'll feel pretty shitty if I leave them high and dry, but you know what...

...I need to not let people keep walking all over me. I'm tired of saying I'll stop letting that happen and then it does anyway. I need...to figure myself out, because at this point, I'm a pretty pathetic place in my life.

At this age, I ought to be doing a bit of self-discovery and instead I wallow it all away. It sucks.

If I don't start doing something with myself, then time is gonna fly by and I'm gonna wonder what the hell happened when I'm thirty-five and lonely as hell.

Slap me if I'm still a bum by then...

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.___. *sigh* [9.23.06 - 12.15am]
Some days I feel great and think I'll go somewhere...

some days I feel accomplished, like when I posted two chapters of my fanfic in three days...

and other days, like now, I feel utterly worthless and wonder if anything I'm doing is even going to get me somewhere.

basically, yeah, I feel pretty shitty right now.

way to be emo [ew,labels suck]
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